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Bags on Roll

The packaging material is so made that professionally forms a barrier on your product/item without hampering the quality of your product.

This packaging material can be a good fit for agricultural industries (pack farm produce, machine accessories), industrial machinery (amplifying profits and reducing production costs), pharmaceutical industries (packaging medicines in branded boxes), optical industries (design and package boxes and package) and a lot more.

    Best Features
  • Good tensile strength
  • Good barrier form
  • Great design (customized)
  • Tear proof
  • Keeps fresh (consumable items)
Bags on Roll

Bags on Roll Machine

The idea is to reduce manpower, reduce downtime, and increase productivity and sustainability. This all can be done with our innovative technology- Bags on Roll Machine.

Manufacturers (textile industry, agricultural, consumable industry, pharmaceutical etc.) can implement this technology and can see an improvement within a week for sure!

Automated packaging is a boon. A one-time investment. And you must buy if you want to double your profits at low cost.

    Best Features
  • 100% efficiency
  • Improved speed
  • No manual injury
  • Better quality
  • Zero downtime
  • Fewer fluctuations in productivity
  • Less labour needed

Say bye-bye to mishandled or damaged products with the all new-Bags on Roll Machine!!

Bags on Roll Machine

Zip Lock

These are versatile storage bags that can be used as packaging material to store valuable items that should not come in contact with moisture, or air.

These are re-sealable sliding channel bags i.e. manufactured and marketed by Pravya Packaging solutions. We are a master of this technology.

These are best with industries that package valuable accessories, machine parts, and food items, that should never come in contact with the surrounding air, which may cause abrasion or corrosion.

    Best Features
  • Protects from external temperatures
  • Re-closable
  • Best for shipping
  • Best for manufacturers and end-users
  • Less clumsy storage options
  • Long-time protection
  • Quality storing

These zip-lock bags are in trend. Buy it to stay in trend!!

Zip Lock

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